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Forestry Environment

We provide good quality of all kinks of forest seeds and fodder seeds.

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Forestry Equipments

We provide growth prominent & stimulant equipments for forest growth.

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Welcome to Rahul Enterprises

Fodder or animal feed is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, goats, sheep,horses, chickens and pigs. Most animal feed is from plants, but some is of animal origin. "Fodder" refers particularly to food given to the animals (including plants cut and carried to them), rather than that which they forage for themselves (see forage). It includeshay, straw, silage, compressed and pelleted feeds, oils and mixed rations, and sprouted grains and legumes.

The worldwide animal feed industry consumed 635 million tons of feed (compound feed equivalent) in 2006, with an annual growth rate of about 2%. The use of agricultural land to grow feed rather than human food can be controversial; some types of feed, such as corn (maize), can also serve as human food; those that cannot, such as grassland grass, may be grown on land that can be used for crops consumed by humans. Some agricultural byproducts fed to animals may be considered unsavory by human consumers.

We provide the following Products:

  1. All Kinds of Forest Seeds
  2. Fodder Seeds
  3. Growth Prominent & Stimulant Equipments
  4. Allied Material

About Rahul Enterprises

Established in the year 2006 and incorporated as Proprietory firm in 2006. Rahul Enterprises has provided products to the Corporate as well as individuals. We do not compromise with quality and our motto is to provide best quality seeds and Stimulant Equipments in the industry.

We offer several specialised products which include Fodder seeds, Growth Prominent, Stimulant Equipments, all kinds of forest seeds etc. as Forest Industry.

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About Mr. Rajesh Pugalia

Mr. Rajesh Pugalia is the proprietor of Rahul Enterprises.

Our Location:

#28, Geeta Mandir Complex
Shubhash Road, Cotton Market Nagpur -440018